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About Us: About The BirdEver.com

The BirdEver.com is your ultimate hub for all things bird-related. Our enthusiasm for birds is boundless, and our mission is to share that enthusiasm with you by providing comprehensive insights into various bird species, bird products, bird care, and optimal feeding practices.

At the helm of our passionate team is Dr. Christopher Reid (The Founder of BE), a renowned ornithologist and devoted bird enthusiast. Dr. Reid, backed by a team of experienced professionals, is dedicated to delivering top-notch content on all matters related to birds.

Our website offers a treasure trove of bird-related articles and product reviews, a testament to our desire to share our avian experiences with others. You can delve into the intriguing lives and habits of birds while exploring a diverse range of bird products available for purchase.

Our unwavering commitment is to make BirdEver.com the foremost online platform for bird-related information and products. Our product reviews are informed by our own online shopping experiences, ensuring you can rely on us to find the best products.

We believe you’re enjoying our site as much as we love crafting it. As this site is designed with you in mind, your valuable feedback helps us refine and enhance our content regularly. We welcome any suggestions you may have to improve this platform further.

Now, let us introduce you to the talented individuals who make up our team:

Dr Christopher Reid

Dr. Christopher Reid
PhD in Ornithology

With over 20 years of experience in avian research and conservation, Dr. Christopher Reid is a distinguished Ornithologist. He earned his PhD in Ornithology from the esteemed University of Birdland, focusing on the migration patterns and breeding behavior of various bird species. As a prolific author of research articles and books on birds, Dr. Reid is recognized as a true expert in his field.

Beyond his academic and research achievements, he actively contributes to international bird conservation organizations like the American Ornithological Society and BirdLife International. His work revolves around preserving endangered bird species and their natural habitats. Dr. Reid is a sought-after guest speaker at Ornithological conferences and birdwatching clubs, sharing his deep love for birds with a broad audience.

His passion for the avian world led to the creation of All About Birds, a platform dedicated to sharing his knowledge and passion for birds with fellow bird enthusiasts, hobbyists, and professionals.

Email: [email protected]

Emily Reid 2

Emily Reid
MSc in Wildlife Biology

Emily Reid, a wildlife biologist specializing in avian ecology and conservation, holds a Master’s degree in Wildlife Biology from the prestigious Forest and Bird University. As a seasoned field researcher, Emily has devoted years to studying bird populations and their diverse habitats across continents.

She plays a crucial role in various bird conservation projects, contributing to habitat restoration, nest box monitoring, and community outreach programs. Emily’s mission is to raise awareness about bird conservation issues and emphasize the significance of protecting bird populations for future generations.

At BirdEver.com, Emily focuses on creating content related to bird ecology, conservation efforts, and birdwatching tips. Her profound understanding of bird behavior and habitats provides invaluable insights for our readers, enriching their understanding of the intricate world of birds.

Email: [email protected]

Rowan Simpson

Rowan Simpson
Professional Bird Photographer

Rowan Simpson, a renowned bird photographer, has graced the pages of numerous publications, including National Geographic, Bird Watching Magazine, and Audubon. Over 15 years, Rowan has journeyed across the globe, capturing breathtaking images of birds in their natural habitats.

His remarkable attention to detail, coupled with an extensive knowledge of avian species, allows him to capture the unique essence of each bird he photographs. Rowan’s ardor for photography and birds has made him a sought-after speaker and workshop leader within the birding community.

At BirdEver.com, Rowan shares his stunning bird photography and imparts his expertise on bird identification, photography techniques, and equipment recommendations. His contributions enable our readers to better grasp and appreciate the beauty of birds through captivating imagery.

Email: [email protected]

Laurel Marsden

Laurel Marsden
Certified Avian Specialist

Laurel Marsden, a certified avian specialist, boasts over a decade of hands-on experience with pet birds, including parrots, canaries, finches, and more. She holds a degree in Animal Science from the University of Feathered Friends and has undergone specialized training in avian nutrition and behavior.

As a bird owner herself, Laurel comprehends the importance of proper care and attention in ensuring a joyful and healthy life for pet birds. She has served at leading bird specialty stores, providing invaluable advice on bird care, nutrition, and managing common behavioral challenges.

At BirdEver.com, Laurel is dedicated to offering expert guidance for bird owners, aiding in selecting the right bird products, understanding avian dietary needs, and managing typical behavioral issues. Her practical experience and passion for pet birds make her an invaluable resource for our readers, assisting them in creating a nurturing environment for their feathered companions.

Email: [email protected]

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