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Do you love blue jay? If so, this blog will tell you all about the best bird feeder for blue jays. We’ve reviewed 22 of them and given our thoughts on each one. Whether you want to attract more jay birds or just make your backyard a little more lively, these are some great feeders that will surely help!

22 Best Blue Jay Feeder Reviews

As you’re a Blue Jay bird lover, you know blue jays are one of the most common birds in North America. They have been spotted as far south as Mexico and Guatemala. If you want to attract these beautiful creatures into your backyard or garden, then check out this list of the 22 best blue jay feeder reviews that I’ve picked out just for you!


1. Squirrel Buster Legacy Squirrel-proof Bird Feeder

Many people can’t put out a feeder. Because they’re fearful of the damage that squirrels might do to it. If you’re one of those people, then this is an excellent bird feeder for blue jays that you will want in your garden. It has double perches for stability with 4 feeding ports to ensure that no birds are crowded or left hungry.

It’s easy to clean and fill without having to get into awkward positions. The protective shroud over each port will keep away all kinds of pests. Such as squirrels, raccoons, and birds too! It’s made from high-quality materials. Such as stainless steel and enameled metal. So it won’t rust easily or chip either. It comes at a very affordable price too.

Things We Love

  • It’s very easy to fill and clean without any awkward positions.
  • It has 4 feeding ports with double perches for stability.
  • The protective shroud over each port keeps out pests.

Things We Don’t Love

  • The seed capacity is somewhat small.


2. Squirrel Buster Standard Squirrel-proof Bird Feeder

This is another blue jay bird feeder from Squirrel Buster. It has 4 metal feeding ports to ensure there’s enough space for red birds to eat and no crowding. The wire mesh over each port keeps out pests. Such as squirrels, raccoons, etc.

It has a special locking lid that’ll keep the bird seed protected from the elements. Especially while also preventing pest invasions too. The whole thing weighs just 1.3 pounds. So it’s very easy to hang up. But still very sturdy and durable. It comes at an amazing price too!

Things We Love

  • The steel housing makes this bird feeder very durable.
  • It’s very easy to clean.
  • The wire mesh over each port keeps out pests.
  • It has a special locking lid.

Things We Don’t Love

  • The small size of this bird feeder doesn’t hold much seed at all so it needs to be refilled often.


3. Nature Gear Window Bird Feeder – Weather, Snow, Squirrel Proof & Refillable Sliding Tray

This innovative window bird feeder features a unique sliding tray design. So that allows you to refill it without ever coming into contact with the seeds. It’s also made from high-quality plastic to ensure years of reliable use.

It has an angled face. So you can keep an eye on your local blue jays and other birds as they eat. The clear plastic front means you don’t have to open it every time you want to fill or clean it either.

When properly hung, this bird feeder is completely weatherproof. Also, it is very secure. Because there isn’t anything for the birds to cling onto once they’re inside! You’ll get a lot of uses out of this one before having to buy another. Because it doesn’t rust easily either.

Things We Love

  • It has a unique sliding tray design.
  • The clear plastic front means you don’t have to open it every time to check it is fill or empty.
  • It can be hung properly to secure birds.
  • This bird feeder doesn’t rust because it’s made from high-quality plastic.

Things We Don’t Love

  • This bird feeder may not fit in your window if it’s too narrow.
  • It looks like a hummingbird feeder than a blue jay feeder.


4. Twinkle Star Wild Bird Feeder Hanging for Garden Yard Outside Decoration

This bird feeder is very different from the other blue jay feeding stations we’ve shared today. Because it’s designed in a hexagon shape and has a roof to keep the sun and rain away. It’s also made from durable metal with an antique copper finish that’ll last for years to come.

The bright color makes this blue jay feeder visible. Especially when placed anywhere in your garden or yard too! The 4 perches ensure there’s enough room to eat while preventing any crowding. So that could make them fall off and injure themselves.

Things We Love

  • It’s made from durable metal with an antique copper finish.
  • It has 4 feeding ports and a roof to keep the sun and rain away.
  • The bright color makes this blue jay bird feeder visible.
  • There are 4 perches that prevent crowding.

Things We Don’t Love

  • T looks like a finch feeder. But it works for blue jays too
  • Place on it some suet cake as it is a very small size bird feeder.
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5. Nature’s Way Bird Products CWF3 Cedar Platform Tray Bird Feeder for Blue Jays

This is another blue jay feeder that’s not shaped like a typical house. But it works well for your local blue jays with its 3 suet hooks below the tray. It has a durable cedar roof too to keep excess water away from the seed. That will keep it dry and fresh! This bird feeder is made in America.

Things We Love

  • It has 3 suet hooks below the tray.
  • The sturdy cedar wood protects against excess rain.
  • This bird feeder is dry and free of moisture.
  • It is American.
  • Non-toxic materials.

Things We Don’t Love

  • Perfect for smaller birds like sparrows.
  • The seed tray is too small.


6. Gray Bunny Premium Steel Sunflower Seed and Peanut Feeder for Jays

This feeder is slightly different than the other blue jay bird feeding stations we’ve shared today. Because it’s made from steel with a beautiful brown finish. It has a rust-resistant base. So you don’t have to worry about this outdoor bird feeder being destroyed by the weather!

The blue jay tray on this wild bird feeding station has a generous size. So there will be enough space for your local blue jays to eat without any problems. This feeder can also attract many more birds of the bird species too. That makes it perfect if you’re interested in attracting wildlife to your backyard!

Things We Love

  • It’s made from durable steel.
  • It has a removable tray underneath the perch.
  • There’s a generous size to this blue jay feeder tray.
  • This bird feeder attracts many different species of birds into the yard.

Things We Don’t Love

  • Flimsy design means it won’t last very long.


7. Birds Choice XWPF Bird Feeder

This is another great choice if you’re looking for a feeder that’s round, not hexagon-shaped.

The roof on this blue jay bird feeder is made from UV-protected plastic to ensure your bird feed stays dry and fresh! It can hold up to 2 quarts of different types of birdseed at once. So it will definitely attract many local birds into your yard.

Things We Love

  • 4 large perches that prevent crowding for easier access to the food.
  • Drainage holes in the bottom tray allow water to escape on rainy days.
  • UV-protected plastic roof.
  • This seed feeder can hold up to 2 quarts of different types of birdseed.

Things We Don’t Love

  • This blue jay bird feeder is pretty small.
  • The tube feeder isn’t very sturdy.


8. Songbird Essentials SE6020 Whole Peanut Wreath Feeder

This peanut wreath feeder is a great choice for attracting blue jays. As well as many other types of birds to your backyard!

It’s made from recycled materials. So it’s not only safe for the environment but easy on your wallet too! It can hold up to 4 pounds of peanuts at once. Also, it has 24 feeding portals that allow blue jays access without crowding. That means this bird feeder will last a long time before you need to refill it again.

The large hanging loop makes hanging this seed feeder simple and effortless. The top uses mesh netting underneath the cap to keep any spilled seeds inside while allowing air circulation. This design also ensures an easy clean. As well as keeping the birds safe from any possible injuries that may occur if they were to step on the metal wire loops.

Things We Love

  • It’s made with recycled materials so good for the environment.
  • The large hanging loop makes this blue jay feeder easy to hang.
  • This bird feeder can hold up to 4 pounds of peanuts.
  • Mesh netting underneath the cap prevents spilled seeds.
  • This wreath is also great for many different songbirds species.

Things We Don’t Love

  • A little bit pricey.


9. Birds Choice Whole Peanut Blue Jay Feeder with Green Roof

This is another one of our top picks for attracting blue jays!

It has a green roof. So helps it blend in with the rest of your backyard to keep it looking natural. Especially while also keeping seed dry and free of moisture.

The perches on this feeder are very large. So even though there are many birds in the area they won’t be crowded therefore making this bird feeder great for attracting blue jays or any other type of seed-eating bird.

Things We Love

  • The green roof allows this feeder to blend in easily with the rest of your backyard.
  • Large perches mean that you won’t have to worry about crowding among multiple types of blue jays.
  • This bird feeder is also easy to fill and clean making it great for both beginners and experts alike!

Things We Don’t Love

  • It is a plastic made bird feeder.


10. SONGBIRD ESSENTIALS SE6019 Songbird Essentials Whole Peanut Wreath Feeder

This feeder is made from metal wire which makes it very durable and long-lasting.

It also has a cap that opens up to load the seeds into the feeder. So there are no more spilled seeds using this bird feeder!

The round shape of this peanut wreath allows for many different types of birds to come to visit. Especially while the side mesh netting keeps any possible injuries away.

Things We Love

  • Metal construction is very durable and will last you a long time.
  • The cap means you won’t have to worry about spilling any seeds.
  • The round, perch-less design allows for many different types of birds to visit without overcrowding making it great for blue jays!

Things We Don’t Love

  • A little bit expensive.


11. Birds Choice SNHFT Bird Feeder

This feeder features a red roof to help it blend in with its surroundings. And to give your garden that natural look.

It has an anti-chew mesh that will protect the birdseed at all costs!

The removable lid makes this 24 port peanut wreath very easy to clean. As well as fill making it great for beginners and experts alike!

Things We Love

  • The red roof helps keep the seed dry & perfect to eat.
  • The lightweight metal construction.
  • The removable lid design is great for both cleaning and refilling.

Things We Don’t Love

  • It is not as durable as some other feeders.
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12. Birdious Deluxe Window Bird Feeder: Best Birding Gift Idea

This easy-to-clean bird feeder attaches to your window for feeding inside. That also makes it great for new birders looking to get into the activity.

The clear sides let you easily see when you need to refill. Moreover, while the wide mouth design makes refilling a breeze!

The large size of this feeder means that there will be enough room for various different types of birds throughout the seasons. Especially during colder months like winter.

Things We Love

  • Attach this window bird feeder to any non-porous surface with ease through suction cup power!
  • Clear sides make it easy to monitor seed levels and know when you need to refill.
  • A larger capacity of food.

Things We Don’t Love

  • Nothing is remarkable.


13. Woodlink Deluxe Cedar Bird Feeder with Suet Cages Model AT4

This bird feeder will be great for bringing the wildlife of your garden closer. Also, it is great for feeding during colder months!

The 4 suet feeder cages surrounding this seed catcher allow for various different types of birds to come and eat at the same time. Especially while keeping feed protected from elements like rain.

The cedar wood design is both aesthetically pleasing and also helps keep the food dry, away from moisture. So that can cause rotting or mold growth!

Things We Love

  • A large capacity allows you to have a single place to bring all your wild visitors together at one time.
  • 4 suet cages mean you don’t have to worry about overcrowding.
  • The wide design makes it easier for birds to access the food inside without any problems.

Things We Don’t Love

  • It is a little bit larger to hang up. But perfect for larger birds.


14. Perky-Pet 50178 Hanging Tray Bird Feeder

Since this bird feeder is made from all recycled plastic its design also cuts down on environmental waste. So you can care for your garden while caring for the environment.

This tray-style bird feeder works well as both a platform feeder to catch seeds or fruit. But it can also be used with seeds that are in shells, like sunflower kernels or peanuts!

The clear design lets you easily monitor seed levels without having to open up the entire feeder. Just flip it over and see what’s left inside!

Things We Love

  • It is made from 100% recycled material.
  • Possible to attach this feeder anywhere.
  • Its lightweight design.

Things We Don’t Love

  • None.


15. Droll Yankees CJM13GP 13in Green New Generation Metal Peanut Feeder

Droll Yankees has been a recognizable name in bird feeders for over 60 years.

This large-capacity peanut bird feeder is designed with a small top hole. So birds can reach down and grab some peanuts or seeds from the open platform bird feeder below.

The green powder coat finish of this metal design will help it to blend into your garden seamlessly. Especially while protecting from rusting, chipping, and other weather damage.

Things We Love

  • A wide diameter allows for more seed-eating space.
  • Made from durable material.
  • Wide diameter.
  • Big food tray (4 pounds).

Things We Don’t Love

  • It is not lightweight.


16. Woodlink 32305 Going Green Fly Thru Bird Feeder

This is a small capacity bird feeder. So it’s perfect for putting into smaller spaces. Like window sills, decks, or balconies that don’t always have room to spare.

This tickseed feeder is designed with an extremely easy-to-fill top. That makes it easier on you while cleaning and refilling your birds’ favorite treats!

The clear plastic design lets you quickly see how much food is left without having to take off the entire lid so you can refill when needed most.

With a deep cup shape, this type of bird feeder works great for different types of seeds including nyjer feeder, black oil sunflower seed kernels, and even fruit snacks.

Things We Love

  • A rubber gasket food from spilling out all over your window sill or deck.
  • You can rest easy knowing that your bird feeder will be safe even in wet conditions!
  • Easy-to-pour spouts on the side of this feeder allow you to load up on seeds faster than ever before.
  • Its design lets it sit equally well on the ground as a ground feeder. As it does mount onto a horizontal wood post.

Things We Don’t Love

  • This is a smaller capacity bird feeder.


17. Cedar Birdfeeder Gazebo

This octagonal bird feeder is designed with a classic look. So that’s perfect for creating an outdoor relaxing space.

The cedar roof protects your birds from the sun. Especially while they eat beneath it leaving the rest of the brightly colored hanging feeder open to attract more little birds!

The inside of this feeder offers multiple spots. So there birdseed can be placed making it easier for you to quickly take care of cleaning and refilling. Especially without having to worry about one spot being too limited.

A small metal chain is included. So that this birdhouse can hang safely off a branch or other sturdy structure without falling under its own weight.

Things We Love

  • Due to its design, this gazebo-type feeder has very limited food spillage and is also more resistant to rain.
  • The roof design of this feeder makes it great for feeding birds in any weather conditions because it keeps your bird food protected from the elements!

Things We Don’t Love

  • Small food tray.


18. Squirrel Buster Nut Feeder Squirrel-Proof Bird Feeder for Nuts and Fruit

This squirrel buster bird feeder is designed to be as difficult for squirrels as possible. Also, yet still allow your little birds easy access to their favorite treats!

The dual mesh design on this hanging bird feeder makes it tough for squirrels to get a grip on what they’re trying to steal. So you don’t have to worry about losing half of your food inventory overnight!

Large 1″ diameter holes throughout this hanging metal feeder regulate how much seed gets scattered out. So that no one faction becomes overfed while still giving the other a chance at a bite.

Things We Love

  • Its unique design encourages more birds than just small feathered friends to come and eat.
  • A ring on the bottom of this feeder helps to make sure that it can be hung securely from almost anywhere. Especially without falling down and taking a tumble with it!

Things We Don’t Love

  • This hanging bird feeder is so large, hooks are required to hang.


19. Woodlink Absolute II Squirrel Resistant Bird Feeder Model 7536

This squirrel-proof large birds feeder is designed to keep your birds safe from the local wildlife. Especially without having to resort to putting up an ugly metal cage around their food.

The round design on this hanging bird feeder makes it really difficult for squirrels. As well as other animals to get a grip on. So that keeps them out of your little birds’ meals!

A small compartment in this seed catcher helps you quickly refill the food supply. Especially when needed without having to take apart the whole thing if you’re pressed for time. But the tray feeder is big enough.

Things We Love

  • You can place it anywhere eighter in your yard or other places.
  • This clear plastic is more than just aesthetically pleasing!
  • Squirrel-proof bird feeder.
  • It is not perfect as a nectar feeder.
  • Sometimes you can put mealworms in this feeder.

Things We Don’t Love

  • As this bird feeder is made of wood, so it is not rain-proof.


20. Sahara Sailor Hanging House Seed Feeder for Garden Yard Outside Decoration

This big, durable hanging bird feeder has two different compartments inside of it for whenever you need to fill up the food supply. Especially without having to take apart or disturb your little feathered friends.

The metal design on this hanging bird feeder makes it really difficult to get a good grip. Hard it if they’re trying to climb their way right in! The edges are also sharp enough that squirrels will likely think twice before attempting to go after all that seed.

A small hook at the bottom of this seed catcher allows it to be hung from almost anywhere. So that those who may not have a tree branch or other suitable option can still have access.

It is a unique design and two-in-one approach. So this wild bird feeder is perfect for anyone who’s looking to add a touch of nature to their home or yard without breaking the bank.

Things We Love

  • This hanging bird feeder is strictly for outdoor use.
  • Waterproof metal frame.
  • Big food tray that covers up to 2.5 lbs of food at a time.
  • Awesome color & design.

Things We Don’t Love

  • A little bit smaller than the usual hanging bird feeder.


21. North States Village Collection Shoreline Large Nautical Lighthouse Birdfeeder: Squirrel Proof Hanging Feeder

This decorative bird feeder features a lighthouse design with an attached fishbowl. Also, that has multiple compartments. So the birds can eat pretty much whatever they want without having to compete with each other. The hinged roof makes filling this product up as easy as pie!

The seed guard on this hanging bird feeder prevents any unwanted visitors from getting into the mix by keeping any squirrels or other animals at bay. Especially while also giving them more of a challenge if they’re determined to get inside.

With its nautical color scheme, you don’t have to worry about losing your feeder in your yard. Since it’ll be clearly visible no matter where you put it!

Things We Love

  • The cute little fishbowl attached to this nautical birdfeeder adds a touch of whimsy.
  • The hinged roof on this hanging bird feeder makes it simple.
  • This nautical wild bird feeder is extremely durable.
  • Easy to clean.
  • This hanging bird feeder can hold up to 8 lbs of food at once.

Things We Don’t Love

  • None!


22. Arundale 360 Sky Cafe Wild Bird Feeder

With Squirrel Proof Clear View Seed Window: Holds 4 lbs of seed, Baffle with clear view window. Convenient wide mouth for easy filling and cleaning.

Arundale’s 360 Sky Cafe Bird Feeder is one of the most functional. Also, efficient squirrel-proof feeders are on this list! This product features a squirrel baffle that separates the food from the squirrels. So they don’t have any access to their weekly meal plan.

The transparent seed catcher on this hanging squirrel proof bird feeder allows you to keep a close eye on how much food you have left at all times without actually having to leave your seat!

This wild bird feeder can hold up to 4 lbs of seeds at once. So making it perfect for those who want to let their wild friends enjoy a nice meal without having to check up on the food every 10 minutes.

The transparent window makes it easy to keep an eye out for any unwanted visitors to your yard. Since they’ll have no other choice. But to look directly at you while they’re trying to get into that delicious seed mix!

Things We Love

  • You don’t have to worry about getting your hands dirty with this product.
  • It is completely detachable from its cable
  • The cleaning is quick and easy!
  • This product doesn’t come with seeds included.
  • Its sturdy, metal design.
  • The durability making it perfect for outdoor use.
  • The seed tray at the bottom of this squirrel proof bird feeder can be opened from the top.
  • Awesome & helpful transparent window.

Things We Don’t Love

  • This product doesn’t come with anything included such as literature.
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Buying Guide: Blue Jays Feeder

Are you thinking about buying a blue jay bird feeder? No problem. The problem is there are dozens of products on the market. So it is hard to find a perfect beautiful bird feeder. When you’re shopping around for a product like this, there are several things you should look out for in order to make sure it’s going to work properly. As well as give your wild friends something delicious to eat.

Let’s see what features you should fulfill to buy a good Blue Jays feeder.


Depending on where you plan on placing your blue jay feeder, the size is extremely important. Since it has an impact on what kind of food they can get into without any problems.

If the feeder is too small, they might have trouble getting at their meal. So that could result in them not accepting your gift at all!

Some people try offering blue jays a meal that is too large. But if you’re using one of these, there’s no way to hang it. So it’s important to be mindful of the size before purchasing.


Are you trying to attract blue jays in your yard? Then it’s important that the product you choose comes in a color that will be visible to them.

There are many feeders on the market that come in bright colors. But if you’re not careful and pick one of these, they might go to someone else who has set up a feeder in their territory. So your gift will go unappreciated!


The material used will determine how long your blue jay bird feeder lasts. So take this into consideration before making a purchase.

Metal tends to hold up quite nicely when it comes to weather conditions. So if you live somewhere with colder winters, this might be your best option for keeping birds fed at all times.


Whether you’re buying a blue jay bird feeder for yourself or as a gift, durability is key! The last thing you should have to worry about is whether or not your new product will stand up against the weather conditions outdoors.

So when choosing a product like this, always go with something made of metal instead of plastic or wood. Since it’s more resilient and won’t crack over time.


If you want to attract blue jays, the price of your feeder is extremely important. Because these birds are very picky when it comes to what they eat. So if you don’t have anything yummy inside, they aren’t going to take anything from it! Shoppers should expect to pay about $20 – $40 for a nice quality product. So that will last for years without any issues.

Squirrel Free Feeder

There are several factors to consider before purchasing a squirrel-proof blue jay feeder. Because Squirrels are clever, crafty little creatures that will stop at nothing to get their paws on something delicious.

So if you buy a Blue Jays feeder, you should check it is Squirrel free feeder or not. In this way, you can decide if it’s the right product for you.

Choosing a blue jay bird feeder can be difficult. That’s why we have come up with this buyer’s guide to help you decide exactly what is best for your needs! Now that you know all about squirrel proof bird feeders and how they work. So hopefully, the next step will be much easier to take!


If you don’t have enough time to read a long article to choose a good Blue Jays feeder, then here is your solution. Just read these frequently asked questions (FAQs) and pick the best feeder:

Are blue jay bird feeders safe for use?

Yes, they are safe to use. Just make sure that you buy a quality product and remember to take proper care of it. If you don’t, then squirrels will easily damage your feeder!

Can I use peanuts as food for blue jays?

No, you can’t. Because blue jays prefer sunflower seeds over peanuts. So there is no point in spending money on peanut products if you want to attract these birds. Since they won’t even come near your gift box.

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What kind of bird feeder is best for Blue Jays?

A squirrel proof feeder is best for Blue Jays. They are very smart. So they can take the food even if the feeder is tiny. That is why you have to choose a feeder that has an airtight lid!

What is the favorite food of Blue Jays?

As mentioned earlier, sunflower seeds are a favorite of blue jays. They will also eat peanuts too. But they prefer feeding on the former over the latter.

Do Blue Jays like hopper feeders?

The hopper feeder is good to use for Blue Jays. But only if you’ve set up a squirrel-proof bird feeder. Blue jays can easily take the food from such feeders. So it’s best to go with a product that is air-tight and made of metal instead of plastic or wood. Since they aren’t as resilient when it comes to weather conditions.

It’s important to keep these things in mind when choosing a blue jay bird feeder. So you can be sure you’re getting the best quality product for the money. Remember, these birds are quite picky. So if your feeder isn’t up to par, they won’t even think about coming near it! That is why make sure that your gift box is squirrel proof and that you’re using the best quality materials to ensure maximum durability.

What is the best bird feeder for cardinals and blue jays?

The best bird feeder for northern cardinal and blue jay is the Perky-Pet 50178. Because it is made of metal (which blue jays prefer) and not plastic or wood (which squirrels like to chew on). It’s also equipped with a weather guard device.

Final Words

We hope you found this article helpful to attract beautiful Blue Jays to your yard. If so, please share it with your friends and family on social media. Also, you can email them the link to our website! And if you are looking for more updated information about birds, tips & tricks regarding bird feeders, etc., be sure to check out!