How To Get Rid Of Sparrows In The Roof

How To Get Rid Of Sparrows In The Roof? | 5 Proven Methods

Looking to know how to get rid of Sparrows in the roof?

Don’t worry roof lovers! We are going to write you 5 proven methods that help you to get rid of the Sparrows.

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Have you ever had a sparrow invade your home? If not, lucky you. Sparrows are pesky little creatures that seem to be attracted to homes with roofs. They can cause damage by chewing on the shingles and leaving bird droppings everywhere they go. In this blog post, we’ll teach you how to get rid of them for good!

5 Proven Methods To Get Rid Of The Sparrows

Sparrows are beautiful birds. But they also nuisance birds. Yes, they are kind of problem birds. Especially when they invade your roof. If you have nesting sparrows on your home’s roof, here are 5 proven methods to get rid of them.

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Method # 01: Making A Sparrow Trap

A very simple way to get rid of sparrows is by making a trap. For this, you’ll need an empty two-liter bottle and some birdseed to attract the birds. You can use cereal as an alternative to birdseed that’s less messy and easier to store.

Cut out the top third of your plastic bottle with a pair of scissors or a box cutter. So that it will form an open cone when inverted on top of the roof. Open up the cone by cutting 4 inches at the bottom. So that there is an opening for sparrows to fly in but not out. Then tie the inverted cone over the chimney using string or rope like a bird house or a bird nest. Actually, it is a sparrow nest as a nesting box.

Fill the rest of your plastic bottle with the birdseed, leaving some room at the top to add water. The sparrows should fly in through the opening you made on the inverted cone of your trap. And will not be able to leave once they are inside. Once they’re trapped, take down your plastic bottle and dispose of them humanely.

Fake Owl to Get Rid From Sparrows
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Method # 02: Using A Decoy Owl Or Fake Owl

Another simple method is using an owl decoy (fake owl). As a deterrent for sparrows to stay away from your roof. You can buy decoy owls from gardening and lawn stores or online from Amazon. Owls don’t exactly howl like wolves. But instead, make deep hooting noises that sound similar to howling. So it’s almost like the birds are howling back at the owls. The howling sound would scare away sparrows that may be on your roof or near it, without scaring away other birds.

Method # 03: Using A Hawk Decoy

Another option is to use a hawk decoy to keep sparrows off your roof. According to the Humane Society of America, hawks and falcons are predators of small birds like sparrows. So they don’t want to build their nests in areas where predators can get them easily. This method works by drawing attention to nearby Sparrows from your home’s rooftop and scaring them away.

There are several different types of hawk decoys you can buy mostly available online. But they’re not just imitation hawk. They are actually closely related to how hawks and falcons attack. The decoys use real feathers, molded plastic beaks. Moreover, thick talons can really scare sparrows away from your rooftop.

Method # 04: Using Ultrasonic Soundwaves

Ultrasonic soundwaves emit high-pitched sounds that humans cannot hear but birds can. They will often cause the birds to become disoriented or even sick when exposed to them for long periods of time. So they end up looking for another place to build their nests elsewhere. This method is best used in conjunction with other methods like a hawk decoy or owl fake. Because it would be difficult for you to continually set this up where you want it.

Method # 05: Using A Natural Predator

Last but not least. Set up a natural predator of the sparrows on your rooftop. Like owls or hawks that would make it difficult for them to continue nesting material there without being constantly attacked. These predators are usually found in suburban areas. So you can contact your local Fish and Game Department to find out how you can legally obtain one for yourself.

Natural predators include feral cats, snakes, raccoons, and foxes. Foxes hunt adult birds. But snakes prefer their eggs and young chicks as prey. Moreover, while raccoons are attracted to nests with hatchlings still inside. Since these animals may be illegal in some areas. So you’ll want to check first before trying this method.

How Do I Stop Sparrows Nesting In My Roof?

Please keep in mind that anything you put on your roof will be up there for a long time. And you don’t want to mess around with the aesthetics of it. So it’s very important to carefully consider what type of bird repellent materials you use.

If you try any of these methods or just one of them, let us know if it worked by leaving a comment below.

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How Do I Get Rid Of Sparrows?

I have a solution! I had two different types of sparrows on my roof. A house sparrow swallow and a white-throated sparrow. The Tomtit took care of the first. But what to do about the other one?

My wife suggested that we try using some of the chemicals available at our local Home Depot. Such as soapy water or talcum powder in seed form with the adhesive mixed into it (plastic gloves necessary). This was effective for both types of sparrows. It drove them off in several days without killing them as they made their way up to the higher ground. Be aware that you might kill any insect/pest bird that tries eating your seeds before it gets inside. But we did not find this to be the problem that some people think it might be.

I am not a scientist. So I cannot say for certain if this is safe for the birds or good for the environment in the long term. But it was effective for us. The white-throated sparrow seemed to disappear completely from our area. And we have seen no sign of them in over a month now.

Get Rid of Sparrows
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Do You Need Proof?

You probably want some form of proof. Here is what I found on the topic: “White-crowned Sparrows are widely distributed throughout North America except Great Basin deserts and high mountains.

This means that they prefer temperate climates like ours. As opposed to cold places where winter can get pretty tough. It also seems appropriate that we used nesting bird sugar (residential use). Since they are migratory birds (they return each year). I can only speak to the bird species that we have in our area. But it did work.

I will remind you of my caveat. I am not a bird removal expert. So you try at your own risk. You must be careful when using any chemicals. The above comment mentioned talcum powder. That should be safe for any animal. So does not eat it by the handfuls. This solution works well on the bird problem or the small animal. Like mice and rats. As well as larger ones like raccoons.

What Smell Do Sparrows Hate?

I only know that they really do not like orange peels. But I also think that anything with a horrid smell might work. There was another suggestion to make a mixture of garlic, spray it on the area. And even this will drive them away.

Also, you can try using dried blood worms as fish bait. Sparrows will be forced to go elsewhere for their food. If you want to catch one then you could always put out some peanuts in the shell. But there is always a risk involved when trapping animals. Please use caution around any type of animal trap. Because they can easily injure small native birds or other creatures that are trying to eat whatever bait you provided.

What Do Sparrows Eat?

If you are trying to get rid of sparrows then you might want to know what they eat. Sparrows will eat just about anything. But they prefer seeds, insects/bugs, and fruit. People who like bird feeding can attract these birds with a steady food supply. That means that it is very important to offer them an alternative. Such as one of the previous suggestions if possible.

As I mentioned before, some people have successfully used soapy water mixed with seed or fake plastic berries in order to drive sparrows away from their homes. So if you find yourself dealing with this type of pest control issue try mixing an egg-white solution using a blender. Then add plastic pebbles along with removing all other possible sources of food. Like suet feeders. For example a seed, insect, bird feeder, etc.

Don’t Forget!

Please keep in mind that when using any type of chemical to spray the outside of your home. It is important to protect yourself and avoid breathing in the fumes or getting them into your eyes. Do you have pets? Then try to minimize contact with surfaces. There you used chemicals for obvious reasons. Remember that birds will return once they become hungry. So if possible use one method or another often enough until they get used to staying away from the area.

If these do not work then you might want to consider contacting a bird control service. Such as Platinum Wildlife Removal. You should also check out some wildlife forums online. They offer more solutions and ideas about how to solve this bird problem. And many others involving these types of animals.

How Do You Get Sparrows Out Of Your Roof?

Some people may need to learn how to get rid of sparrows from their roofs due to a noise problem. These birds are known for making quite a bit of racket. So it might not be possible to just ignore them if they start cawing and squawking. Especially while you are trying to sleep or work.

You can try any one or more of the methods mentioned above. Even you can try attachments, sprinklers, popcorn. Or anything else that is likely to make an unpleasant environment. So that they will drive away. Or if you want a sure-fire solution then why not try bird spike, like others. Some other type of product also. That should at least keep them off your roof entirely.

sparrows nest
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How Do I Stop Sparrows From Nesting By My Chimney?

It is really an odd situation that some people might find themselves in which involves sparrows nesting by their chimneys. However, there is one obvious solution that should work well enough. That involves putting out fake owls or using any other method to make them think twice about roosting on the area.

Also, you can try trapping them. But if this does not solve your problem then it may be necessary to hire a professional. Especially who knows how to get rid of birds and other animals humanely from homes and yards.

Final Words

Sparrows are a nuisance that can cause a lot of damage and problems if left unchecked. If you want to get rid of them for good then this article provided many solutions. That might help solve your sparrow bird problem.

The best thing to do is simply block off any entry points they could use in order to enter your home. Because sealing them up should reduce the chances of getting them back once they are gone. It does not matter which solution you use as long as sparrows have somewhere else to go. So make sure that there is an alternative food source nearby in case they return right away after being forced out or trapped.

Have any questions about how to get rid of sparrows? Or maybe you have some advice on firsthand experience? Leave a comment down below and someone will reply as soon as possible. Please do share this article with anyone who might be having the same problem.

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